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#Tampa Market Monday – January 25, 2016

#Tampa Market Monday

Three things can make a BIG difference when selling a home: when you sell, how you stage your home and what price you sell your home for. So this week, we’ve included three articles that give you general advice and on how to handle these key areas. But feel free to call us anytime ((813) 979-4963) to talk about the specifics of your situation.

If you’re in the market to buy, take a few minutes, to read why a 15-year mortgage may be the right home loan for you. Plus, just for fun, we’ve provided a look at the 50 Best Restaurants in Tampa by Tampa Bay Times food critic, Laura Reily, .

Before, you review these great reads, we’d like to share how the Pasco County housing market performed in December of 2015.

A Quick Look at How the Pasco County Real Estate Market Performed in December of 2015

Pasco County Real Estate Stats December 2015


Pasco County Florida Home Sales December 2015

Market Activity - Pasco County, FL

Med Sale $ - Pasco County, FL

Avg Days on Market - Pasco County, FL

Avg Sale to Orig List $ Ratio - Pasco County, FL

Advice for Sellers

Why Winter Can Be an Excellent Time to Sell Your Home

“The perception is that all of the homebuying goes on during the spring and especially summer because families don’t want to uproot their kids during a school year, and so people think that you aren’t likely to be able to sell a home during the other months,” he says.

But Jaeger and many other real estate professionals argue that you needn’t wait.

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The Art of Home Staging


In the past, many stagers focused on decluttering and implementing minor tweaks in furnished homes. Or they appointed vacant apartments with basic rental furniture to prove that rooms were large enough for regular sofas and queen-size mattresses.

Today, they are increasingly tackling all-out transformations that aim to present compelling contemporary design, while projecting a complete aspirational package.

“It’s not just about solving a problem now, but much more about presenting a lifestyle to prospective buyers,” said Jane Saidenberg, the design director of Studio D, a staging company with offices in New York and San Francisco. “People want it to look like a shelter magazine, or like something they’ve seen on TV. It’s more elevated than it has been in the past.”

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So You Wanna Sell Your Home? Step 3: List It at the Right Price


Putting a price tag on a home you’re trying to sell is a tricky thing. For one, it’s your home, crammed full of memories, hopes, and dreams—and all that stuff can cloud your thinking and lead you toward the wrong price. There are consequences: Shoot too high, and your home could languish on the market for months and maybe not sell at all. Price it too low and you could bilk yourself out of a whole lot of dough.

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Mortgage Tips

Mortgage Tips: What Is A 15 Year Fixed Rate Mortgage, Advantages And Disadvantages


Aside from the time element, the major difference between a 15 year and a 30 year fixed rate mortgage is the total amount of money you will have to shed over the life of the mortgage. A 15 year fixed rate mortgage may require you pay a higher rate per month but you will save big time on interest since the loan term is half as long as a 30 year mortgage. On the other hand, a 30 year mortgage requires a lower monthly payment, which can be more manageable for many. However, if we compute the entire amount paid for interest, a 30 year mortgage results in a higher overall interest payment.

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Tampa Lifestyle

Top 50 Restaurants of Tampa Bay 


In a very strong year for Tampa Bay restaurants, we witnessed a raft of appealing new chain concepts land (Besito, Doc B’s, Tom+Chee, etc.); we saw celebrity chefs begin to stake out territory (Marc Murphy, the guys at Locale); we got our first legit ramen house. The downsides? Prices went up (a $14 glass of wine no longer spooks the horses), parking got scarcer and the elevated level of play required more hustle for restaurants to distinguish themselves.

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